Junior Festival

Junior Festival

Junior Festival is the National Federation of Music Clubs’ annual performance event for students of all levels of talent and advancement. It is administered at the local level by each local club, under the auspices of the State and National organizations.

Junior Festival is not a competition, but rather an opportunity for the students to perform two memorized pieces of music for an adjudicator and an audience. The student’s performance is judged individually and is not compared to the performance of other students. Junior Festival performance covers all instrument families, both solo and ensemble, as well as vocal performance. Additional performance categories include Hymn Playing, Theory, Composition, and Improvisation.

By participating in Junior Festival each year students earn points towards receiving a National Gold Cup, or trophy. Each successive Gold Cup is a little bigger than the previous one. It takes a minimum of three years to earn each Gold Cup.

Honors Recital

In Nebraska, students who receive four or more consecutive Superior ratings in one event may participate in the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs Junior Division State Honors Recital.

Festival Registration

Festival rules are set by NFMC must be adhered to (see Rules.pdf). Registration fees are set by the local club, a portion of which must be sent to the State organization. There is a category for physically or mentally challenged students where exceptions to some of the National guidelines are made for these students.

Students must be a NebFMC Junior Member to participate in Junior Festival. Contact a member of our Board of Directors to find a current local Junior Festival in your area.

Local Junior Festivals*

  • Omaha Junior Festival
  • Central City Junior Festival
  • Bellevue Junior Festival
  • Lincoln Junior Festival

* Local festival locations vary yearly with area participation.