Governing Board and Documents

Board of Directors

NebFMC is lead by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of Officers and Committee Chairpersons. The Officers shall be nominated and elected by the NebFMC membership in March of even numbered years. The committee chairpersons shall be appointed by an elections Nominating Committee and approved by newly elected Officers. Current Board of Directors members are listed on our Find A Teacher page.

Officer Positions

Vice President
National Board Member
Advisor or Immediate Past President

Committee Chair Positions

Junior State Festival Chairman
State Festival Cup Chairman
Junior Composition Chairman
Membership Chairman
Honors Recital Chairman

Past NebFMC Presidents

1957-1959 Mrs. Nelson Thorson
1960-1961 ???
1962-1963 Mrs. Henry Hoyer
1963-1983 Mrs. Paul A. Euler
1984 Ruth Giger
1985-1987 Leonard Mostek
1988-1989 Janet Acker

1990-1991 Thelma Stenlund
1992-1995 Julie Bunderson
1996-1997 Carol Goranson
1998-1999 Maria Jacobsen
2000-2001 Phyllis Dunne
2002-2003 Judi Dickmeyer
2004 Carol Trouba

2005-2006 Carol Goranson
2006-2007 Phyllis Dunne
2008-2012 Ellen Kershaw
2012-2014 Mary Stacy 2020-present Leonard Mostek

Governing Documents

NebFMC By-Laws
NebFMC Procedures