NFMC Procedures



  1. To gather the membership together in a friendly atmosphere.
  2. To motivate the membership.
  3. To provide sustenance.


  1. Reach a consensus with board about possible dates, times, places, format, speakers, catering and fees for speakers and attendees one year before convention.
  2. Get approval from board through a vote to contract all speakers, places and caterer.
  3. Contact speaker as soon as possible. Find out availability, fee, transportation and lodging requirements. Discuss format.
  4. Confirm arrangements with Federation President and board.
  5. Get written contract with speaker. Ask speaker to send bio, digital photo scan, description of his program, audio visual requirements, and food preferences.
  6. Contract place. Hire caterer. Ask for menu priced within your budget. Don’t forget the gratuity fees.
  7. Confirm arrangements with Federation President and board.
  8. Write one paragraph description of program to be included in OMTA, NMTA and Federation newsletters as soon as everything is confirmed.
  9. Type up registration form for convention, meals, concerts, Masterclasses (Samples follow.) Proofread. Get copies and postage. Mail registration form to Nebraska Federation, NMTA and Iowa MTA mailing lists.
  10. If having a Masterclass and/or Honors Recital, mail Masterclass and/or Honors Recital info to Nebraska Federation members.
  11. Keep record of all returned forms and fees. Make chart to list names, menu, workshops, etc.
  12. If students are performing in Masterclass or Honors Recital, contact all teachers to confirm when students will perform
  13. Type program for convention. Get copies. Make sure Honors Recital Chairman has programs printed and ready.
  14. Order refreshments for coffee, midmorning and afternoon breaks.
  15. Make arrangements for equipment: pianos, microphones, screens, projector, tables, etc.
  16. Make sure Custodian of Insignia brings Federation emblem and easel.
  17. Make arrangements for lodging, transportation, and shuttle to and from airport.
  18. Arrange for speaker to have some evening entertainment: reception or dinner.
  19. Make name tags.
  20. Arrange to have others help throughout the convention so you can participate also.
  21. Ask for help from previous chair.
  22. Turn in all registration fees, food money and bills to treasurer with a detailed description of each.
  23. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate!

You can find sample State Convention forms on the Forms page

Festival Gold Cup

Look back at Previous State Conventions



  1. To promote a positive image of Nebraska and National Federation of Music Clubs.
  2. To make a profit from sale of NFMC insignia merchandise.


  1. Borrow the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs metal insignia sign from Omaha Festival Chair and bring to State Honors Recital, Convention, Masterclasses or any other Federation sponsored events.
  2. In January take inventory of NFMC Souvenirs and order more if needed for the next Junior Festival event. Get check from local treasurer.
  3. Decorate a display table for sale of NFMC souvenirs at appropriate events.
  4. Bring a cash box with change to the Junior Festival.
  5. Schedule workers.
  6. Turn receipts in to local treasurer.
  7. Take inventory for next year.


Goal: To preserve the history of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs


  1. Collect and preserve all historical materials or collections of the state federation in albums including:
    • Official state publications
    • Annual Junior Festival Bulletins
    • Convention programs
    • A list of state composers
    • Pictures and/or newspaper accounts describing any state federation activities
    • A list of persons from the state federation serving the National Federation as board members, national officers, or chairmen.
    • Historical accounts
  2. Arrange and catalog historical materials as directed by the state board of directors.
  3. Encourage all organizations to keep anecdotal, personal records of meetings in addition to official minutes.
  4. Display albums at club functions such as:
    • Junior Festivals
    • Conventions
    • Social Gatherings




The purpose of the composition chairman is to accept and handle the composition entries from the state and pass them on to the regional chairman. The composition chair is also the contact person for the regional Junior Composers Institute summer camp in Minnesota.


The goals of the composition contest are to:

  1. encourage juniors to develop their talent in composition.
  2. provide juniors incentive to participate by giving cash awards, certificates, and performance opportunities.
  3. encourage juniors to participate in the Junior Composers Institute.


  • Self-supporting from student entry fee of $16.25 each.
  • Judging fee – no more than $10.00 per piece.

State awards

  • Class I – ages 9 and under – $10 for 1st and $5 for 2nd
  • Class II – ages 10-12 – $15 for 1st and $10 for 2nd
  • Class III –ages 13-15 – $25 for 1st and $15 for 2nd
  • Class IV- ages 16-18 – $50 for 1st and $25 for 2nd


The following forms are available at

  • #JR 7-1 is the national rules listing.
  • #JR 7-2 is the contest application form.
  • #JR-7-3 is the judge’s rating sheet
  • #JR 7-4 is the judge’s information sheet

The Junior Composers Institute Application Form is available at



  • Send email reminder to teachers to start their students composing.


  • Hire a judge with understanding that you don’t know how many entries there will be.
  • Agree upon fee and time frame.
  • Remind judge that the state winner has to be declared a 1st or 2nd place
  • winner or no winner at all.
  • Email reminder to teachers.

January 10:

  • Compositions due from teachers.

February 1:

  • Compositions due to the regional chairman. The regional chairman then sends it to the regional judges who make their decision and send winners on to national.


  • Send teachers results.
  • Invite winners to play at State Honor Recital.
  • Send teachers reminders about the Junior Composers Institute summer camp.
  • Notify State Honor Recital Chair of any winners.


  • Have treasurer make out checks for winners.
  • Present Composition Certificate and checks at Honor Recital.


  • Be sure that you print off all your e-mails as they come in.



  1. To facilitate the membership process.
  2. To print and distribute a current membership directory roster.


  1. To make new members feel welcome by:
    • Distributing information packet
    • Answering questions of potential and new members
  2. To try to solicit new members by
    • Making presentation at Omaha Music Teachers Association information days.
    • Hosting a membership booth at Nebraska Music Teachers Association conventions.
    • Posting membership display at local music stores.
    • Promoting NFMC at any gathering of teachers
    • Following up on leads to new members.
  3. After October 1, ask State Treasurer for membership list.
  4. Print new roster. Follow current format.
  5. Send roster changes to web contact person.
  6. Send new rosters to State President to include in January newsletter.
  7. Distribute rosters in all music stores. Collect and destroy old rosters.
  8. Periodically, check music stores to see if they need more rosters.



To support the board, chairmen and membership of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs and to represent this club and these people at National Board of Directors meetings.


  • Must hold no other office or chairmanship except:
    • regional chairmanships
    • as a presidential appointee
  • May serve on additional committees.
  • Able to attend board meetings, be on time, attend all meetings and stay for the duration of the session.


  • Represent the state organization by meeting with the NFMC board.
  • Give the Chairman of the Council the record of the newly elected state president (name, address, phone, date assuming office, etc).
  • Keep a current copy of the state’s bylaws; turn one in for the records of the National Headquarters Office.
  • Possess a copy of current NFMC rules and procedures as well as the current manual.
  • Comply with requests of the National President.
  • Keep copies of all official correspondence.
  • Keep all files organized and current.
  • Assist officers and chairmen of the state organization to promote and run successful events.
  • Attend state board meetings and conventions.
  • Know the goals, struggles and current state events to best represent our state organization at meetings (state and national).
  • Keep four files:
    • File of material from predecessor
    • Materials of permanent or policy nature
    • Materials of current interest only
    • File of minutes of meetings
  • If you are unable to attend a board meeting, you must give advanced notice to the Recording Secretary, stating the reason for the absence. More than one unexcused absence constitutes resignation and the Board will declare your spot vacant, ask the state organization for a new representative and vote in a new representative. All substitutions should be approved by the executive board.



Goal: To promote and encourage successful Essay Contests.


  • Entrants do not have to belong to Federation.
  • All essays must be typed.
  • Essays will be judged on neatness, legibility and content.

National Contest: Grades 7-12

  • Length: 500 words
  • One award of $50 in each state where a winner is declared

State Contest: Grades 3-6

  • Length: 250 words
  • One winner is chosen for an award of $25.

Promotion Ideas:

  • Send out a letter or email with the theme, rules and deadline for entries (February 1).
  • Post all relevant information to the web site.
  • Contact area music teachers (private and school teachers).
  • Contact public and private schools as well as homeschool students and groups.
  • Contact creative writing teachers.
  • Contact David Martin
  • Post information on music store bulletin boards.
  • Buy an ad in the OMTA newsletter.
  • Contact the media before or after the event.


  • Collect all essays.
  • Judge the National Contest (Grades 7 – 12) entries on neatness, legibility and content. Send best essay(s) to the Regional Chairman.
  • Judge the State Contest essays (Grades 3 – 6) on neatness, legibility and content. Declare one winner.


  • After choosing a winner, contact the State President with your report. Include:
  • Number of entries
  • Your reason for choosing the winners you did.
  • Contact the winners with the results. Invite them to come to the State Honors Recital to receive their certificate and check. Ask for permission to post their name (maybe just their first name) and essay on the web site.
  • Call the State Honors Recital Chair to inform them if award presentation will be included in the program

Finishing Up:

  • Contact the treasurer for the award check.
  • Create an NFMC certificate for the winner.
  • Bring the check(s) and certificate to the State Honors Recital for presentation(s) or send it to them if they are unable to attend the Recital.
  • Contact the web site person for posting the essay.

The application and rules (N-15 form) for entering the contest are available upon written request to the National Federation of Music Clubs, 1336 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46202-2481, or can be downloaded from the web site: NFMC Publications. The AR 13-3 entry form, along with essay, must be postmarked February 1.

Send completed National form and essay to the National Music Week Essay Contests Chair.



To organize and execute a successful piano competition that is challenging and useful for students ages 16-25.


Federation funding: $650
Entry fees: $20

Prizes: $550
Judge: $35/hr.


  • Set the date (February or March, check university and school calendars).
  • Find a venue with a quality grand piano.
  • Choose the judge-qualified, well known, someone students and teachers will want a critique from.
  • Update the mailing list- university/college/music school heads, all piano teachers in each school. Include telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Write information/introduction letter.


  • Create student “poster”-information sheet that music departments can post on their bulletin board.
  • Update application form.
  • Send out 3 pieces: introduction letter, poster, application form.


  • Call or visit to check on entries/interest.


  • Send out reminder email for entry deadline.
  • Month before competition
  • Your postmark deadline should be about 4 weeks before the competition.
  • Once you have all the entries, create the schedule.
  • Send out entrants’ letters, schedule and details.
  • Notify the judge of schedule, criteria and details.

Week before

  • Update judging forms, fill in student information.
  • Get checks for judge, venue, etc. from State Treasurer.
  • Finalize details with judge, venue.
  • Create certificates.

After the Competition

  • Notify winners. Invite winners to play in the State Honors Recital.
  • Send thank you note to judge.
  • Mail certificates, checks and critique sheets not picked up at competition.
  • Send written report to President.



  • to present a beautifully run recital
  • to honor the students
  • to promote Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs



  • Check if a recital hall has been reserved for the next State Honors Recital. If not:
  • Try to pick a date within a month of the last Junior Festival
  • Ask UNO piano department chair if he would be willing to co-sponsor the event at Strauss Performing Arts Center
  • Call the building coordinator and set up the date.


  • Send enrollment form (see example) to Junior Festival Chairs for inclusion in packets.


  • Send press release (sample follows) and flyers to music stores, TV, KVNO, KIOS, and Omaha World Herald two weeks prior to event.

March after last festival

  • Collect Honor Recital enrollments.
  • If duplicate repertoire is chosen, contact teachers to confirm the repertoire choice.
  • If more entries are needed, include superior plus students at level Primary 4 and up.
  • Ask Scholarship Competition, Composition Contest, Essay Contest and Summer Music Scholarship Chair people if there are any winners.
  • Invite winners to participate in recital.
  • Get checks from treasurer or Chair People.
  • Get certificates to present at the recital from Chair People.
  • Type program and send copy via email (if possible) to each teacher. Ask for corrections.
  • After printing program, send receipt and invoice to State Treasurer for reimbursement.

Before Recital

  • Get NFMC steel emblem from Custodian of Insignia
  • Arrive early at recital hall the day of program to set the stage. Bring easel for emblem.
  • Students who wish to try out piano should arrive 1 hour early. All students should check in 30 minutes before recital.
  • Explain stage manners:
    • Enter stage left.
    • Nod before. Bow after.
    • Enter and exit the piano bench from right side.
    • Exit stage right.
    • Seat students in order of performance. Use rows 1 and 3 and 5. (after row 3 students perform they move into row 2. Row 5 students move to row 4. This way the students don’t have to step over anyone when returning to seats).

At Recital

  • Introduce self and welcome audience on behalf of NFMC.
  • Explain why students are being honored: four or more consecutive superiors.

After Recital

  • Thank students and audience for attending.
  • Introduce President.
  • President introduces festival chair people and teachers.
  • President thanks recital chair person.
  • President presents awards and scholarships.
  • Take group photos 5th Superior, 6th Superior, award winners, etc.
  • Send copy of program and photos to Historian and Web Master.
  • Make report for board. Send to President.
  • Reserve recital hall for next year. Make sure date is after last Junior Festival for that year.
  • Send President confirmation of date.

Sample Press Release

On Sunday, date, number of students performed at the prestigious Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs State Honors Recital in the University of Nebraska at Omaha Strauss Performing Arts Recital Hall. Only students who received four or more consecutive Superior ratings in the Junior Festival are invited to participate. Superior is the highest rating awarded to students. To qualify, students performed two vocal or instrumental solos for adjudication at the site Junior Festival sponsored by the NFMC on date. One of the solos was chosen from a required list of repertoire found in the National Junior Festival Bulletin. The second solo was chosen from music of a contrasting style in the standard classical repertoire of music.

Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs has been sponsoring Junior Festivals for over fifty years. The State Honors Recital was created by the NFMC state board in the 1980’s and has become a Nebraska tradition.

Since its founding in 1898 over one hundred years ago, the National Federation of Music Clubs has grown into one of the world’s largest philanthropic, non-profit music organizations in the world. Its membership of almost 200,000 consists of Junior, Student and Adult clubs and individual members. NFMC is one of only two music organizations to be chartered by the United States Congress and is the only music organization member of the United Nations.

One of the primary missions of NFMC is to promote American music and musicians. Dedicated to finding and encouraging young musical talent, the National Federation conducts annual Junior Festivals with more than 117,000 participants.



The purpose of this chairmanship is to facilitate communication between the National Chairman and the local site directors, to help new members understand and implement Federation Festival rules and expectations, and to report to the regional Festival Chairman the summary all the numbers for the total students in Festivals in the State.



  • Order theory tests and practice tests for each site. Have them sent directly to the site chairmen and have the bill sent to the treasurer. (Only State Chairmen have authorization to order these.)
  • Order Superior and Consecutive Superior Certificates from the National Festival Chairman. Order enough for all sites and have them shipped directly from the printer to the site chairmen. (The small participation certificates are available from Headquarters and site chairmen may request these directly themselves.)


  • Collect the Festival Reports (JR 3-4) from the Festival Chairmen (Excel Spreadsheets that list the same information in the same format are acceptable.)
  • Complete a report of all numbers for the Regional Chairman. (Fest -21) Include copies of the reports from the sites. Send by May 31.
  • Complete a concise report of these numbers for the State Board.

All Year

  • Correspond and problem solve with old members as issues arise.
  • Make decisions about special circumstances that arise concerning students in the Festivals. (i.e. late entries, emergency substitution of a duet partner)
  • Mentor and “talk through the Festival process” with new members helping them understand the timelines, music selection, and the rules.
  • Act as liaison between National Chairman and site chairmen.
  • Keep members up-to-date on changes and other news items from the National Chairman.
  • Sign/validate special reports (i.e. 14th consecutive superior) for the National Chairman.
  • Be available to work on special assignments/requests from the National Chairman (i.e. Specially Capable form)
  • Attend State Board Meetings if possible for input even if not a Board Officer

Duties of Site Chairmen: The Site Chair or Director alone or in committee

  1. Selects the venue, date and time of audition.
  2. Organizes the participants and times of audition and publishes same.
  3. Hires competent and respected judges to judge the auditions.
  4. Chairs the event day – makes decisions, gives direction, problem solves.
  5. Makes arrangement for a make up day if appropriate
  6. Keeps year to year records for purposes of festival cup point reporting, honors recital qualifying, and record keeping for students who move.
  7. Orders and signs the small participation certificates for all participants. These are the official record of participation and are honored from state to state when students move. (The State Chairman orders and provides the Consecutive Superior Certificates.)
  8. Reports the results of the festival to the State Chairman before May 15, using the appropriate official form available on the national web site.


Currently the Nebraska Federation fiscal year runs from June 1 to June 1.


  • Change signature cards/addresses at bank.


  • With a couple of other board members form a budget during the summer. Use the previous year’s expenses/income as a guideline. Board approves the budget at the first fall meeting.
  • Prepare a report of income/expenses/balances of all accounts for every board meeting and a year-end report. Make copies for the board members. Keep a running account of the spending toward the budgeted amounts.
  • Balance checkbook/savings account as statements arrive.
  • Pay all bills as they come in. Keep receipts.
  • Keep records of expenses/income.
  • Fill out and pay Liability Insurance from National for Junior Festivals by August 1.


  • Mail/email senior dues notices to previous year’s members. (Make sure the website form is current.)


  • Email all directory changes to the person preparing the directory.


  • Complete/mail senior forms for National. (PL 8-1)
  • Mail senior fees to National. (PL 8-10)
  • Correct/complete membership list received from National. Mail to National.
  • As senior dues come in through the rest of the year, do the above again.


  • Mail/email junior dues notices to senior members. (Make sure the website form is current.)


  • Email teacher names/number of students registered to the festival chairmen.
  • Complete/mail junior dues forms for National (PL 8-3)
  • Mail junior fees to National. – Due post-mark Feb. 1 (PL 8-10)


  • As late junior fees come in, do the above again.
  • Email festival fee form to festival site treasurers.


  • Complete/mail festival form for National (JR 3-7)
  • Mail festival fees to National (Due June 1) (PL 8-10)
  • Other possible $ and forms to National – Life membership for out-going president, contest prize monies.

National Treasurer – Find address at



  1. To help Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs meet the needs of its members.
  2. To make sure all jobs are done efficiently in a timely manner.
  3. To build a strong membership.



  • Attend Convention in even years. Install officers.

July, August

  • Complete appointments of appropriate Committee Chairs.
  • Update the web site and membership packet.
  • Make sure Gold Cups have been delivered.
  • Try to build club membership.
  • Make sure National liability insurance has been paid.
  •  Attend Regional and/or National Convention.


  • Schedule board meeting.
  • Send newsletter including Senior Club dues and agenda for board meeting.


  • Plan an orientation program for new members.


  • Celebrate American Music Month.
  • Remind Junior Composers Contest entries to submit work.


  • Remind Essay chair.


  • Schedule board meeting.
  • Send newsletter with festival packets. Include agenda. Remind teachers of National Music Week Essay contests.
  • Welcome new members.


  • Appoint nominating committee in even years.
  • Attend Nebraska Federation Scholarship Competition.
  • Make sure Junior Festivals are being scheduled.


  • Attend Junior Festivals.
  • Remind Summer Music Camp Scholarship Chair to send out notices.


  • Attend State Honors Recital.
  • Send ballots.


  • Schedule Annual Anniversary Brunch and Board Meeting.
  • Send Thank You notes to committee chair.

May/June in even years

  • Attend Biennial Convention
  • Install new slate of officers


The President:

  1. shall preside at all meetings of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs and of the Board of Directors
  2. shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee
  3. shall make a complete written report at the State Biennial Convention
  4. shall enforce these By-Laws and perform such other duties as are incident to this office.
  5. shall set the agenda for each Board Meeting and will incorporate requests for specific agenda items.
  6. shall communicate with the regional and National Federation of Music Clubs by all deadlines
  7. shall be the custodian of all official papers and documents not properly in the custody of any other Board member.
  8. shall prepare state reports for the regional and National Conventions.
  9. shall be co-signer on all checking and savings accounts.
  10. may represent the State of Nebraska at the National and Regional Board of Directors meetings, conventions and fall National Board meetings.



  1. To inform the membership of available Federation of Music Clubs scholarships.
    • Nationally – as found on website
    • Locally
      • The Summer Music Camp Scholarship
      • Teacher Music Education Scholarship (when available)

The Summer Music Camp Scholarship is an annual $500 scholarship divided among financially deserving students who have studied at least twelve months with a Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs teacher. Applications require teacher evaluation, a student letter and parent letter. A committee chooses the recipient(s).

In the event that no Summer Music Camp Scholarship is awarded, the scholarship is open to Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs teachers who have been Federated in Nebraska at least twelve months and who are registered for summer music classes. The teacher must write a letter describing the course of study and explaining financial need. A committee chooses the recipient(s). The deadline is May 1.


  1. One month prior to April 1 deadline, remind membership via email about Summer Music Camp Scholarship. Link to Application on web.
  2. Form a committee to select Summer Music Camp Scholarship winners. If more than one person is deserving, the $500 scholarship is divided among the entrants.
  3. If no Summer Music Camp Scholarship applications are received by April 1, inform the membership that Teacher Music Education Scholarships are available. Deadline is May 1.
  4. Form a committee to select Teacher Music Education Scholarship recipients. If more than one person applies, the $500 scholarship is divided among the applicants.
  5. Obtain check(s) from State Treasurer.
  6. Present scholarship monies at State Honors Recital.


  1. Send list of available National Federation of Music Clubs Scholarships and deadlines.


Goal: To safeguard the integrity of the NFMC website


  • All website entries should be sent to the Website Contact Person.
  • Proofread and edit all website entries.
  • Photos of children should not include names.
  • Keep items current.
  • Avoid duplications.
  • Be the liaison between the technical person and the State Board
  • Ask yourself questions:
    1. Does this entry cost more money to add to the website?
    2. If so, does the State Board need to vote on this first?
    3. Does this entry coincide with our perceived image on the website?