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About the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs

Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs is an organization of many people who have one thing in common — a great love for music. It is made up of musicians, music educators, private music instructors, band and choir directors and members, and friends and supporters of the arts in local communities.

The goals of the Federation at the local, state, and national levels are to bring together young people for the study of music, for performance opportunities and social enjoyment; to develop future leaders in the community and in the field of music; to cultivate courteous and appreciative audiences; to stimulate interest in creating new music; to provide incentive for high standards of performance through Festival events and the Gold Cup Award Program; and to encourage service through music.

Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs offers a wide variety of Services and opportunities for its members at all levels of organization. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance opportunities for the professional, semi-professional, and amateur musician.
  • Scholarships and grants for students attending college or a summer music camp, as wells as for teachers who wish to attend a continuing education workshop or seminar.
    Auditions and competitions for students of all ages.
  • Opportunities for group participation and fellowship through a variety of activities such as club-sponsored community projects or programs, music study and / or appreciation classes, features speakers or performers, and networking with others who share in the same love for music.
    NFMC adds the collective strength of its state and local affiliates, and over a century of tradition and accomplishment, to your love of music.

Join with us… keep the music alive… and timeless!

History of Federation of Music Clubs

Since its founding in 1898 over one hundred years ago, the National Federation of Music Clubs has grown into one of the world’s largest philanthropic, non-profit music organizations in the world. Its membership of almost 200,000 consists of Junior, Student and Adult clubs and individual members. NFMC is one of only two music organizations to be chartered by the United States Congress and is the only music organization member of the United Nations.

One of the primary missions of NFMC is to promote American music and musicians. Dedicated to finding and encouraging young musical talent, the Federation conducts annual Junior Festivals with more than 117,000 participants.

Other areas of Federation promotion are: National Music Week held the first week of May; Crusade for Strings; Support for legislation on bills affecting the welfare of musicians, music education and development of American musical life; Campaigns for higher standards in church, radio and television music; Provision of musical activities in hospitals and institutions of confinement; Sacred Music and Hymn of the Month program which includes hymns of all faiths; Sponsorship of opera; Encouragement of dance; Support of folk music of all nationalities; Recognition of the musical aspects in poetry; Importance of Chamber Music; Stressing the significance of International Music Relations and co-operation with other national music organizations; promoting the importance of music education for present and future generations.

Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs has been sponsoring Junior Festivals for over fifty years. The State Honors Recital was created by our state board in the 1980’s and has become a Nebraska tradition.


1957-1959 Mrs. Nelson Thorson
1960-1961 ???
1962-1963 Mrs. Henry Hoyer
1963-1983 Mrs. Paul A. Euler
1984 Ruth Giger
1985-1987 Leonard Mostek
1988-1989 Janet Acker
1990-1991 Thelma Stenlund
1992-1995 Julie Bunderson
1996-1997 Carol Goranson
1998-1999 Maria Jacobsen
2000-2001 Phyllis Dunne
2002-2003 Judi Dickmeyer
2004 Carol Trouba
2005-2006 Carol Goranson
2006-2007 Phyllis Dunne
2008-2012 Ellen Kershaw