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Fall Board Meeting October 15, 2011

Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs

Meeting Details


NFMC Annual Fall Business Meeting


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011


President Ellen Kershaw


3:00 p.m.



1402 Camp Gifford Road

Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

Motions Passed / Decisions Made

Ø  Life Time NFMC Membership will be researched by Ellen Kershaw to understand benefits clearly 

Ø  A new budget line item of $500.00 for a Summer Music Camp Scholarship Fund was created. 

Ø  Updates on the website www.nebraskafederationmusic.org will be made without board approval.

Ø  Proposed changes to the bylaws will be emailed to members.




Participants Present on Oct. 15, 2011

Ellen Kershaw, President

Sharon Kazmierski, First Vice President

Joni Fast, Second Vice President

Mary Stacy, Secretary

Bonnie Guinn, Treasurer

Cheryl Freeman, National Board Representative

Phyllis Dunne, Immediate Past President, Advisor


Chronological Minutes of the Meeting

The meeting of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs was called to order by President Ellen Kershaw at 3:06 p.m.


Ø  Sharon Kazmierski made the motion to approve the minutes from the Spring Board Meeting on June 3, 2011 as amended.  Bonnie Guinn seconded the motion.

Ø  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

o   The current roster was discussed.

§  Mildred Appleoff has a life member status.

§  Ellen Kershaw will delineate life membership benefits.

o   Cheryl Freeman moved to establish a new budget line item of $500.00 for a Summer Music Camp Scholarship Fund to be paid from the savings account or from contributions from other sources at the time of the scholarship.

§  This line item would not be mandatory annually.

§  The motion was seconded by Sharon Kazmierski and approved unanimously.



Ø  Updates posted at www.nebraskafederationmusic.org were discussed.

o    Ellen Kershaw is the contact person trained and designated to make updates on the www.nebraskafederationmusic.org website. 

§  Ellen’s service saves the expense of paying a professional webmaster for each and every change.

§  Ellen is to be commended for taking the initiative to be trained and also willing to make updates.

o    The online calendar and forms need to be kept current to make the website credible and useful to members.

o    Phyllis Dunne made a motion that the designated person to update the website could make the correct updates without waiting for board approval, using the wording “updated as of…” 

o    Cheryl Freeman seconded the motion.

o    Phyllis reviewed the homepage of the website and offered an alteration of the second sentence of the introduction to state that scholarships would be offered “sometimes.”


Ø  The venue for the State Honors Recital was discussed. 

o   UNO is often overbooked.

o   Bellevue West High School offered the location free of charge to our nonprofit educational organization.


Ø  Brainstorming for an educational activity for the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs Convention

o   Melody Bober

o   Catherine Rollin has created a DVD re piano technic.

o   Ellen will email Maria Jacobson re ideas and location for the convention.


Ø  President Kershaw selected Phyllis Dunne to head the nominations committee.


Ø  The Piano Scholarship Competition has been led by Joni Fast

o    In 2012 Joni is able to assist with preparations only.

o   Mark Clinton may be a candidate for leadership. 


Ø  The bylaws were discussed and Ellen will email proposed changes to members.


Ø  A motion was passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:55 p.m.


                        Note:  These minutes will be amended as needed and approved at the Spring 2012 Board Meeting.v

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