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Board Meeting Friday, December 27, 2013

Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs

Complete minutes:

Ø The NFMC business meeting was held Dec 27th at the home of Mary Stacy

Ø All board members, shown below, attended, as well as Nancy Schoen from Lincoln.

Mary Stacy, President

Sharon Kazmierski, First Vice President

Debra Heald, Second Vice President

David Norton, State Secretary

Bonnie Guinn, State Treasurer

Cheryl Freeman, National Board Representative

Ellen Kershaw, Immediate Past President, Advisor

Ø Treasurer’s Report as of December 1, 2013

o Treasurer Bonnie Guinn’s report was submitted, discussed and approved.

Ø Committee Reports

o Nebraska Federation Piano Scholarship Competition (Director Debra Heald)

§ Applications due: January 24, 2014

§ Competition: February 22, 2014 at Evangelical Bible Church, 7820 Fort Street, Omaha, NE.

§ A motion was passed requiring a minimum of four competitors for the event to be held.

§ Discussion included: the possibility of requiring 1st place winner to play at State Festival;
future refinement of entry rules; how to broaden the base of possible entrants by contacting
teachers and colleges; and prize amounts.

o Composition Contest (Chair Regina Carnazzo)

§ Discussion was held regarding new requirement of submission of recording on CD.

§ Ellen Kershaw will be updating the website with the new forms.

o Honors Recital (Chair Karen Johnson)

§ Applications due: April 8th, 2014

§ Recital: April 13th (Palm Sunday) at Bellevue West

§ Festivals are prior to April 13th:Central City 1/25; Omaha 3/29,makeup on 4/5; Bellevue 4/5; Lincoln 4/5

§ Brainstorming for efficiency for the Honors Recital programs

· Email program to two other members for proofreading (possibly Ellen, Deb, or Sharon)

· Email program to Office Max on Friday, April 11th for a Bellevue member to pick up (Ellen)

· Invite an advanced student from the Scholarship Competition to perform at the recital

o Ellen Kershaw submitted proposed changes for the current bylaws.

§ The proposal was tabled to give the board time to review and make suggestions at the next meeting.

§ When updated, changes will be submitted to the general membership for approval.

o Festival(State Junior Festival Chair Sharon Kazmierski) (Junior Festival Gold Cup Chair Cheryl Freeman)

§ Cups could be delayed by having the National Federation of Music Clubs
do the engraving or not delayed with customized engraving done locally.

§ An informal poll preferred nodelay, but the decision will be left to Festival Chairs.

o Essay Contest (New Essay Contest Chair is Cheryl Freeman)

§ The Essay Contest Chair was handed from Sharon Kazmierski over to Cheryl Freeman,

§ With a January 19thdeadline, the contest will have to be an activity for January 2015.

Ø Former business/tabled topics

o Cheryl Freeman made a recommendation to donate $50 to the outgoing national president’s fund.

§ State chapters have been requested to make donations.

§ A motion was passed to donate $50.00 to the Carolyn Nelson Memorial Fund.

o Camp scholarship: A line item for camp scholarship has been added to the budget for 2013-2014.

Ø New business and upcoming concerns

o Essay and Poetry Contests: Discussion included a possible task list, prizes, expenses and publicity.
Cheryl Freeman will do further research and make recommendations to the board for January 2015.

o The board tabled a discussion of a form letter for new members as an idea to increase membership.

Ø Adjournment at 11:35 a.m. The next meeting will be held in June or July 2014 to accommodate various schedules.v

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