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Goal:  To keep musicians focused on continuing their musical training by participating in festival and acquiring festival cups.  The plan, which is sponsored by National Federation of Music Clubs, is available to all entrants in the junior music festivals.

1.  Have each teacher who enters students in the junior festival fill out a 3X5 card for each student and event entered.  An entrant may work simultaneously toward a cup in more than one event in any year.  Keep card until student turns 19 years of age.

On the card is listed:

Students name – last name first                            Teachers’ club name

Student, Joe                                                           Club Music

Name of Event

Piano Solo

The year                  Level                  After the festival, add ratings and points.

200?                    Primary 1              

                                                             Rating                                          Points

                                                            Superior                                           5   

                                                            Excellent                                          4

                                                            Very Good                                        3

                                                            Fair                                                 2


2.  Rremind area festival chairs to make sure each teacher is given a gold cup form

 (JR-2) in their festival packet.    The form is found at


Transfer students from other states may transfer points.  Use the JR 3-1 Festivals Transfer Information Form for this.  The form is found at


Cooperate with other states in transferring points by following NFMC guidelines.

3.  After the festival, collect completed JR-2 forms.

4.  Check for accuracy against area festival chair’s report and copy info onto 3X5 cards.

5.  Add up total number of cups given for the entire state.

6. Order gold cups from national after all area festival reports are received using JR 4-3 .   The form is found at


7.  Notify teachers when gold cups arrive.  Make arrangements for distribution of gold cups.


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