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Revised 2006


Section 1:  The National Federation of Music Clubs is the largest volunteer, non-profit organization in the world and is centered around a specific cause and purpose – that of making America truly musical.  It is one of three music organizations to be chartered by the United States Congress and the only music organization member of the United Nations.  One of the primary missions of NFMC is to promote American music and musicians.   

Section 2:  The membership of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs shall consist of organizations formed for the purpose of promoting the goals of the National Federation of Music Clubs, or for the involvement of students in the various activities sponsored by the Federation.

Section 3:  The membership of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs shall be in three divisions, namely:  Adult/Senior, Collegiate/Student, and Junior.  For a full description of each of these divisions and the sub-divisions within each, please refer to the National Federation of Music Clubs information.

Section 4:  Only residents of the state of Nebraska are eligible for membership in the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs.


Section 1:   The leaders of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs shall be officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons.

Section 2:  The officers shall constitute the governing Board and are hereafter referred to as the Board of Directors.  The Board members shall be elected and the Board shall consist of not less than seven nor more than eight members.  The Board members shall be a President, a First Vice President, a Second Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a National Board Member, and the immediate Past President.  The immediate Past President is not elected but is assumed.  If the immediate Past President is elected to a different Board position, the Board will post for election another person who shall be called Advisor.   If the President is not eligible for re-election (see Section 4) or commits to one term of service only, then a President Elect will also be elected to full membership on the Board. 

Section 3:  The committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the Nominating Committee subject to approval of the newly elected Board of Directors.  (See Article 9, Section 4).  

These Chairpersons may include and are not limited to:  a Biennial Convention Chairman, an Adult State Festival Chairman, a Junior State Festival Chairman, a State Festival Cup Chairman, a Jr. Composition Chairman, an Essay Chairman, a Collegiate/Student Chairman, a Scholarship Chairman, a Membership Chairman, a By-laws Chairman, an Insignia Chairman, an Honors Recital Chairman, and such other appointees as may be deemed necessary by the Board at a given time.  These chairmen may work singly or establish a committee at their discretion.

Section 4:  The term of office for all leaders shall be two years.  No member shall serve in the same elected or appointed office for more than six consecutive years nor serve for more than ten consecutive years in any combination of offices. After the maximum years of service, the member shall leave the board/committee chair for two years before returning.  At the time of the adoption of these by-laws, all current leaders shall be limited to the terms of this Section.

Section 5:  There shall be no salaried leaders.  Non-budgeted expenses incurred by leaders of the Federation may be paid from the Treasury by vote of the board of directors.   


Section 1:  There shall be a minimum of two annual Board of Directors business meetings, one in fall and one in spring.  Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.  The President shall call these meetings for times and places that are generally agreeable to all Board members. At the two standing meetings, the names of all absentees with cause of absence shall be presented by the Secretary for action upon the cause of absence.  Absence on the part of any member from two consecutive standing meetings of the Board without adequate excuse shall be considered as a resignation and a vacancy may be declared by the Board.  The member(s) in question shall be notified at once by the Secretary of the action taken.

Section 2: Five members of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3: At the spring meeting, all Board Members and Committee Chairpersons shall present a written report including duties performed during the calendar year.  Exiting Board Members and Committee Chairpersons will provide a calendar, list of duties and recommendations for the incoming replacement.

Section 4: All Committee Chairpersons and Standing Committees shall operate under the direction of the Board, which shall have the power to establish standing rules and repeal the same by a majority vote of those present.

Section 5:  All meetings of the Board of Directors will be open to the full membership with open forum during discussion of any motion.  Agendas for meetings of the Board will be published and publicly available two weeks before the stated meeting time. Members may request agenda items to be presented.  Only Board members will vote on business.  If Board agenda items arise between meetings and expediency demands a vote, the President may have the Board vote by e-mail.  The membership will be notified of both the impending electronic vote and of its result.

Section 6: A complete record of all regular and special session of the Board of Directors must be kept in the secretary’s log.

Section 7:  Vacancies occurring in the Board of Directors shall be filled by the remaining board of directors, those chosen serving until the next Biennial Convention. 

Vacancies occurring in the Committee Chairpersons shall also be filled by the board of directors.  In this case, the President may represent the board and appoint the position.

Section 8:  Special meetings of the board of directors may be called by any member of the board provided the purpose of the meeting is stated.  Two week’s notice shall be given of a special meeting and the purpose of the meeting must be stated in the notice.  In a special meeting not called by the President, no other Board business and no other unstated business may be conducted.


Section 1:  President:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs and of the Board of Directors, shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee, shall make a complete written report at the State Biennial Convention, shall enforce these By-Laws and perform such other duties as are incident to this office.  The President shall set the agenda for each Board Meeting and will incorporate requests for specific agenda items.  The President shall communicate with the regional and National Federation of Music Clubs by all deadlines.  The President shall be the custodian of all official papers and documents not properly in the custody of any other Board member.  The President shall prepare state reports for the regional and National Conventions.  The President shall be co-signer on all checking and savings accounts. The President may represent the State of Nebraska at the National and Regional Board of Directors meetings, conventions and fall National Board meetings.

Transportation and fees shall be paid by the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs.

Section 2:  The President, the Second Vice President, the immediate past President, Advisor, National Board Representative and the President-Elect may serve in the capacity of one committee chair in addition to being an officer. 

Section 3:  Vice Presidents:  In the absence of the President, the First Vice President or, at the request of the First Vice President, the Second Vice President, shall perform all the duties of that office. Standing Committees may be made accountable to the First and/or Second Vice Presidents as deemed necessary by the Board.

Section 4:  Secretary:  The Secretary shall take the minutes of all business meetings of the Board and of the Biennial Convention.  Minutes must be approved as read before adjournment.  The Secretary shall send copies of the minutes to all Board Members within two weeks of the

meeting and shall make them publicly available to the membership.  The Secretary shall publish the agenda of all Board Meetings when it is received from the President at least two weeks before the date of the meeting.  Electronic mail or web site publication shall be considered public.  The Secretary shall assist with mailings and any other secretarial jobs, which the Board shall request.

Section 5:  Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of this Federation, and shall deposit in such financial institutions as shall be designated by vote of the board of directors all money received in the name of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs.

The Treasurer shall collect, receive and pay out all money under the direction of the board of directors, and sign any necessary checks.  The Treasurer shall send out dues notices.  All dues shall be paid to the Treasurer, who shall remit the necessary amounts to the National Treasurer, retaining the balance for the State Treasury; keep a correct enrollment of all clubs, organizations, and individual members paying annual dues; render a financial statement at every business session of this Federation and of the board of directors and shall distribute at the State Biennial Convention a complete written financial report.

Section 6:  National Board Representative:  This officer shall be the official liaison between the State and the National Board of Directors.  The National Board Representative may represent the State of Nebraska at the National Board of Directors meetings, conventions and fall National Board meetings.

Transportation and fees shall be paid by the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs.


Section 1: Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs is a 501C3 tax-exempt organization and shall operate under the appropriate tax laws.  The fiscal year shall be designated as June 1 through May 31.

Section 2:  The finances of the Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs shall be derived from the payment of annual dues, from endowment payments, from gifts, and from such other sources as shall be approved by vote of the board.  All organizations and individuals actively federated shall pay annual dues on all classes of members to the State Treasurer, who shall remit the necessary fees to the National Treasurer, retaining the balance for State work.

Section 3:  All classes of members shall pay annual dues according to the dues structure currently authorized by the National Board.  A copy of the national dues structure shall be retained by each officer and shall be available to the general membership for perusal at any time.

Section 4:  Any senior member whose dues are not paid by the deadline shall be considered in arrears and shall not appear in the Nebraska senior membership directory.

Section 5:  The State Treasurer, together with two Board of Directors members to be elected by the Board of Directors, shall present a budget at the spring business meeting for approval of the Board of Directors. 

This budget shall include expected income and budgeted operating expenses as well as special expenses including, but not limited to, approved convention expenses for the President and National Board Representative, necessary fees and dues to the various National offices we are required to contribute to, and optional fees and dues to other facilities and programs. The Treasurer and the Budget Committee shall include other expenses in the annual budget as they deem necessary to the functioning of our Nebraska organization.

Section 6:  Financial Review:  The President shall appoint an annual financial review committee which shall consist of two Nebraska Federation non-board members and the President.  The financial review committee shall meet with the Treasurer and review all financial records before the annual report is presented.

A professional shall be hired to review the financial records at the request of the board and/or at the end of the Treasurer’s term of office.


Section 1:  The Biennial Convention of all senior members of the Nebraska State Federation of Music Clubs shall be held in the even-numbered calendar years.  The Convention shall be held for the purpose of receiving reports of State Officers, State Chairmen and Federated Clubs, and for the installation of State Officers. The Convention may also sponsor such speakers and workshops as are deemed appropriate and beneficial to the members of the Federation.

Section 2:  Special meetings of the senior membership may be called by any senior member.    All senior members and board of directors must be given the date, purpose and two weeks written notice prior to the meeting.

In a special meeting called by a senior member, no other business and no other unstated business may be conducted.  A quorum of the active Nebraska senior membership shall be 30%.  


Section 1:  All senior members are eligible to vote.       


Section 1:  At the fall Board of Directors meeting prior to the Biennial Convention, a nominating committee of three shall be elected by the Board of Directors, one of whom shall be on the Board of Directors.  The President shall appoint one of the nominating committee members to be the chairman.

Section 2:  No member of the nominating committee shall be nominated for an elected office.

Section 3:  The Chairman of the committee shall request from each Federated Club in good standing the nominations of qualified members to be presented on the ticket for election.  This request should be made in October of the odd-numbered years.

Section 4:  The Nominating Committee shall present in its report a list of candidates for office and a list of recommendations for appointment to chairs of standing committees.  All senior Nebraska clubs will be represented as equally as possible on the board of directors.

In case only one candidate accepts the nomination for any office, the Committee is not obligated to present another name.  The consent of a candidate must be obtained before the name may be placed on the ticket.  At least one name for each vacancy to be filled shall be presented.  This list shall be presented to the board via email or postal mail by January 15 of the even numbered years. 

Section 5:  This list of candidates, when adopted by vote of the Board of Directors,  shall become the official ticket of the Federation. The vote of the Board of Directors should be finalized by Jan. 31 of the even-numbered years.  The slate of officer candidates should be presented to the membership by March 15 of the even-numbered years with the election to be completed by March 31 of the even-numbered years.

Section 6:  Only members in good standing are eligible for nomination.

Section 7:  The Nominating Committee shall serve as a Board of Election, to have charge of all details of the election. The election may take place via sent ballots.

Section 8:  Election shall be by a majority of the votes received. 

Section 9:  When election returns have been counted by the Nominating Chair, the elected officers shall be notified by the Nominating Chair of their election and of the time and place of their installation. 

Section 10: The newly elected board of directors will meet before the state Biennial Convention to take action upon

the nominating committee’s recommendations for the standing committee chairs.

Section 11:  Installation of the new slate of officers shall take place at the Biennial Convention.


Section 1:  The purpose of the Collegiate/Student Division of NFMC is to provide organized musical opportunities, awards, and activities for musically interested young people, ages 16-25.   

Section 2:  Membership dues in the Collegiate/Student Division will be paid to the State Treasurer according to the published dues schedule.  Colleges/universities who do not meet the deadline will either pay a penalty or be ineligible.

Section 3: Collegiate/ Student members shall pay entry fees for the auditions in the spring according to the published information available from the Collegiate/ Student Chairman.  Application forms are available from the Nebraska website at www.nebraskafederationmusic.org or from the State Collegiate/ Student Chairman. 


Section 1:  The purpose of the Junior Division of NFMC is designed to promote study, stimulate interest in American and world music literature, and encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement. 

Section 2:  To fulfill this purpose, the Junior Division of NFMC may provide performance opportunities, a composition contest and essay competitions. Scholarship monies may be available to encourage students to attend summer music camps.

Section 3:  Membership dues shall be paid by all junior members according to the published information available from the State Treasurer.  These fees are due by January 1 because paperwork must be sent to National

by February 1.  Junior dues received after January 1are subject to late fees and penalties.

Section 4:  Junior Division members shall pay the necessary entry fees for the junior festival according to the published information available from the local festival chairmen.  Due dates for these fees will also be available from the local festival chairmen.


Section 1: The purpose of the Adult Division is to encourage the amateur musician age 19 or above.

Section 2:  The Adult Division Festival shall be made available to all amateur musicians who are members of the National Federation of Music Clubs.  The adult can join NFMC by becoming a member of a senior club or by becoming a Senior Individual Member.  The appropriate dues shall be sent to the State Treasurer when requested to do so.  The deadline for these dues shall be January 1. Adult dues received after January 1are subject to late fees and penalties. 


Section 1:  The insignia of the National Federation of Music Clubs, designed by Amy H. Leverett and heretofore adopted by the Federation, consists of a pin made of solid gold and dark blue enamel and containing two bars of the hymn “America,” upon which rests a spread eagle, the whole encircled in an irregular ribbon effect bearing the words “National Federation of Music Clubs.”

Section 2:  Custodian of Insignia:  The Custodian of Insignia shall be our official state representative who can purchase and sell national insignia.  The Custodian of Insignia will be caretaker of the large metal insignia and

bring it to all state conventions and state recitals.  The Custodian of Insignia shall be the keeper and vendor of Federation insignia merchandise.


Section 1:  The rules contained in Robert’s “Rules of Order Revised” shall govern this Federation in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of this Federation.


Section 1:  These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the votes received from senior members, provided that the proposed changes have been sent at least thirty days prior to the ballot to all senior members or without such notice by unanimous vote. This vote may be made through the mail in lieu of bodily presence at a meeting.

Section 2:  Amendments to these By-Laws shall become effective at the conclusion of the voting and shall abrogate and supersede all other By-Laws.

Section 3:  This document is consistent with Regional and National Federation of Music Clubs By-laws. Changes in national structure become automatic in these bylaws. 

Submitted by

The 2006 Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs By-Laws Revision Committee

Ellen Kershaw, Chair

Judi Dickmeyer

Phyllis Dunne

Carol Goranson

Bonnie Guinn

Peggy Schlieker


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